Mayotte is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean that is an overseas department and region of France. This small collection of islands is in the Northern Mozambique Channel, residing between Madagascar and Mozambique. This relatively small community is home to less than 200,000 people and only comprises 144 square miles. However, Mayotte's history, culture, and politics are anything but diminutive.

Mayotte is technically part of the Comoro Islands, but its populace has elected to remain under French rule since 1974. This appeared to come as somewhat of a surprise to the French government, who faced numerous political challenges in maintaining ties to Mayotte. However, overwhelming Mayotte desire to remain part of France turned the tide, and it was determined that Mayotte would be considered an overseas department of France. This makes Mayotte an outermost region of the EU, at the request of the French government.

The main island of Mayotte, Grande-Terre, is geologically the oldest of the Comoro islands, and features rich volcanic soil and pristine waters, filled with coral and a perfect environment for nautical pursuits.

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