Seychelles is an island country consisting of an archipelago of one hundred fifteen islands located in the Indian Ocean. Although there are one hundred fifteen islands, The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles lists one hundred fifty five. Many island countries border Seychelles including Zanzibar to the west, Agalega to the south, and Mayotte to the southwest. Seychelles has about eighty six thousand residents living there making it the least populated African country.

In the year 1971, Seychelles opened its first International airport leading tourism to become a major industry. This led to the economy being divided by tourism and plantations. The tourism industry paid better, where the plantation industry can only grow so far. Tourism consists of about thirty percent of the labor force. Although the tourism industry grew rapidly, people still work in the farming and fishing industries as well. Frozen and canned fish, cinnamon, and vanilla are the main products exported from the island.

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