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The .info domain is a versatile and universally recognized top-level domain (TLD), perfect for information-driven websites. Introduced in 2001, it was one of the first domains aimed at providing an information outlet for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Today, .info is a go-to domain for those looking to share knowledge, data, resources, or news. .info is great for establishing a credible source of information in any field.

Why register a .INFO domain?

Stand out. The .info extension is a clear signal to users that your site is a hub for information, making it ideal for educators, informational portals, and news services.

Global appeal. .info is not tethered to any specific country or region, making it a universally understood domain that’s perfect for international audiences seeking information.

Build your domain portfolio. With the digital landscape rapidly evolving, investing in your online presence gives you a huge advantage over the competition. A .info domain is an excellent opportunity for any worldwide company to expand reachability and security. Learn more about domain portfolio management.

Registry Lock available for .info domain DNSSEC is available for .info domain Private Registration is available for .info domain

Frequently asked questions about .info.

How do I buy a .info domain?
To purchase your domain name, you must first search for the availability of the unique phrase (without spaces or with hyphens). If the domain name is available, you may then add it to the cart to register for up to 10 year(s).
Who uses a .info domain?
A .info domain is perfect for experts, educators, businesses, and organizations that prioritize the publication of information, resources, and educational content. It's a trusted domain for those aiming to establish an authoritative voice in their respective field.
How does having a .info domain affect SEO?
The .info domain directly communicates the purpose of your site—to inform. It’s inherently descriptive, which can give visitors immediate context for what to expect from your website, potentially increasing click-through rates and aiding in brand positioning, thereby boosting SEO ratings.
Can I protect my brand with a .info domain?
Yes, since .info is one of the most recognizable TLDs online today, securing a .info domain is a strategic move to protect your brand, preventing others from registering your brand's name with malicious intent.

Technical information for .info.

  • TLD .info
  • Type gTLD
  • Registration On Sale 5.99 USD / normally 24.99 USD
  • Renewal 27.99 USD
  • Transfer 22.99 USD / Transfer in your .info
  • Time to Register Instant
  • Registration Period 1 - 10 years
  • Private Registration Available
  • DNSSEC Supported / Learn how to add DNSSEC
  • Registry Lock Available
  • Trustee/Proxy Service No
  • Blocking Service Part of DPML Blocking Service / Learn more Part of the GlobalBlock Service / Learn more
    Block Registrations on your trademark in .info and each of Identity Digital's
  • Languages Supported Danish,  German,  Hungarian,  Icelandic,  Korean,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Polish,  Spanish,  Swedish, 
    .info domain name supports multiple language formats. You can register your domain name by entering your domain search using the appropriate language character set in the search field.
  • Individuals can register Yes
  • Businesses can register Yes
  • Registry Identity Digital
  • Information updated 2024-06-18

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