The Republic of Uganda is found in East Africa, at about 3250ft, and this declines relentlessly downwards to the Sudanese Plain to the North. Be that as it may, a great part of the south is inadequately emptied, while the focal point is overwhelmed by Lake Kyoga, which is surrounded by far reaching damp regions. Most of the wetlands are emptied by the Nile River, with one little zone on the eastern edge of the country being emptied by the Turkwel River.

Southern Uganda is wetter than the north, with downpours by and large spread out throughout the year. On the northern shore of Lake Victoria, most rain occurs from March to June and the November/December period. Further to the north a dry season progressively appears, November to February is much drier than the rest of the year. The northeastern area has the driest atmosphere and is inclined to dry seasons. In the southwest, the border with Congo gets substantial rain throughout the entire year. The south of the nation is vigorously affected by one of the world's greatest lakes, Lake Victoria, which contains numerous islands. It keeps temperatures fairly constant, providing both shadiness and precipitation. Most critical urban areas are found in the south, close to Lake Victoria, including the capital.

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