The Republic of the Congo, also commonly known as the Congo Republic, is located in Central Africa. This country takes up an area of 342,000 square kilometers, ranking them the 64th largest country in the world. Its capital city is Brazzaville. The Congo Republic's economy is mostly based on a combination of agriculture and handicrafts. Petroleum support is the largest part of their industrial economy. Their nominal GDP per capita is $3,400, as of 2014.

The Congo Republic's government is a parliament. Their current President is Denis Sassou Nguesso. Their legislature has an upper house, called the Senate, and a lower house, called the National Assembly. They became independent from France on August 15th, 1960. The Congo Republic has 4,662,446 people, as of 2014, who call it home. They are referred to as the Congolese. Their population density is the 204th largest in the world, at 33.1 people per square kilometer as of 2014. French is their official language, and they also have other recognized regional languages. 50% of the people in this region practice the Christianity.

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