Lying in East Africa is Kenya also officially known as the Republic of Kenya. Kenya also has an ocean front that is bordered by the Indian Ocean. Neighbors in the region include Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Kenya recently held a referendum in August 2010 in which Kenya is separated in 47 counties that are all self-autonomous in governing. Each county will have its own government lead by a mayor while the central government will assemble in Nairobi.

The country has a unique geography that ranges from coastlines, to savannahs, and then mountain regions that is made up by Mount Kenya. The mountain itself is cold and has snow-capped peaks while they have also temperate forest region near the western region. They even have a desert region and even have geothermal activity that is so constant it provides for the country's electricity. Kenya also has the second largest freshwater lake in the world called Lake Victoria.

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