The Republic of The Gambia, located in Western Africa, is the smallest country on Africa's continental mainland. It is bordered on the east, south and north by Senegal. The Atlantic Ocean borders its east. This country covers an area of about 10,689 square kilometers, ranking 184th largest in the world. The Gambia's economy is market-based and liberal. Peanuts are their main export. This country's nominal total GDP is $918 million, as of 2012. 30% of the GDP is roughly accounted for by agriculture, which employs 70% of its labor force.

The Gambia's government is a dominant-party presidential republic. Their current President is Yahya Jammeh, and their current Vice President is Isatou Njie-Saidy. Their legislature is called the National Assembly. They gained independence from the United Kingdom in February 1965. The Gambia has 1,882,450 people who call it home, referred to as Gambians. Their population density is the 74th largest in the world, at 176.1 people per square mile as of 2013. English is their official language, although they do have various other national languages as well. 90% of the people in this region practice the religion of Islam.

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