Libya is located in the Northern part of Africa, referred to as the Maghreb region. In land size it is the fourth largest country in Africa and seventeenth largest in the world, roughly the same size as the US state of Alaska. Tripoli is the capitol and also the largest city with over one million residents, while the country as a whole as over six million. It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north with 1,100 miles of coastline. The country also boasts one of the most arid and largest deserts on the planet. While Libya is a very large country it is all densely populated on the coasts. The main language spoken is Arabic.

In July 2012 Libya had its first elections in almost forty years. The government is led by the Council of Deputies which reserves thirty of its two hundred seats for women. The country is highly dependent on oil which accounts for 97% of its exports. According to the World Bank Libya is an "upper middle income economy". Over half of the countries employees are employed by the government.

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