Bouvet Island is a volcanic island not far from Cape Town. Bouvet Island was discovered in 1739. This island was named after the French Naval Officer John Baptiste Bouvet. No claim was made on Bouvet Island until 1825 when a British flag was waved. In the year of 1928 Great Britain waved away its claim on Bouvet Island.

Bouvet Island is a Norwegian island. Bouvet Island is centered between the South Atlantic Ocean and Lera Island. This island rises out of the ocean and has very high and steep terrain. Bouvet Island is uninhabited by humans. This may be the most isolated island in the world. The water here is 0 square kilometers. The climate is very cold. This island is a nature reserve.

Politics and other government affiliations apply as designated by Norway. There is no specific government rules, holidays, specified economy, or government entities specifically assigned because there are no people living on or running this island other than this country being assigned to the Norwegian government. Government is applicable when Norway assigns it. The flag of Norway is held high here.

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