Tanzania is a part of United Republic of Tanzania located at the Eastern region of Africa. Tanzania is outlined by Indian Ocean in the eastern side and bordered by various countries in the north, south and eastern sides. The geographic location of the country was originated by the union of two British colonies which led to the formation of United Republic of Tanzania.

The city of Dodoma was named as the capital of the country after Dar es Salaam by shifting the government offices. The country is about twice the size of California in overall area. Tanzania holds the privilege of 31st largest country in the world which is also comparable to the size of Nigeria.

In the north eastern side of Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is located which is the highest Mountainous point in Africa. Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika are situated in the north and west side of the country respectively. A large plateau is located at the Central part of the Tanzania with arable land and plains.

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