The Republic of Senegal is a nation located in western Africa, south of the Senegal River. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, bordered by Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau. The capital city of Dakar is located on the Atlantic coast. The country contains a significant amount of sandy plains, rising to foothills in other areas.

Senegal has one of the most developed tourism industries in Africa, as well as foreign exchanges of fish and agriculture. However, this isn't enough to support the country as it still relies on foreign assistance for a significant portion of its economy. It has a large debt with the U.S. government, for example.

Most of Senegal's population is located in rural areas, with the cities containing some Europeans. French is Senegal's official language, although it is used mostly by the minority of literate individuals. Most of the country's citizens speak an indigenous language and are not literate, contrary to a large portion of the modern world.

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