Located in the Indian Ocean, off the African Continent, The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation that became independent from the United Kingdom in 1968.

While English is the official language of Mauritius, Creole and French are also spoken and newspapers and television programs are usually in French. Because the country's population is composed of people from India, Africa, China and France there are many ethnicities. Mauritius is also famous for being the only home of the, now extinct, flightless, dodo bird.

The island was created through volcanic activity roughly 8 million years ago and the geography includes coastal plains, a central plateau and Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, which is the island's highest peak at 2,717 feet. The beautiful countryside also includes rivers that were formed in the cracks from lava flows. The land area of Mauritius is 2040 kilometers squared and its capital city is Port Louis.

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