In the South Atlantic Ocean there is an island named after Saint Helena of Constantinople. The island Saint Helena is from volcanic origin and it was a part of a British overseas territory and represent second oldest British colony after Bermuda.

Saint Helena is 16 by 8 kilometers with total area of 122 square km and with population near 4,255. The interior of the island is forested and the coastal areas are barren, covered in volcanic rock. The flora contains a high proportion of endemic species, but when people brought goats all that was brought to the level of extinction. Diana's Peak at 818 m is the highest point on the island. The island was populated and discovered by Portugal in 1502, and represents one of the most isolated islands in the world being 2000 kilometers from the nearest major landmass. One of the most famous Saint Helena citizens was Napoleon Bonaparte, who was exiled there by the British, along with 5000 other prisoners.

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