What is a Registry Lock Service?

Registry Lock is a service that provides an extra layer of security against domain name hijacking by locking the domain at the registry level to prevent unauthorized deletions, transfers, or alterations.

Why is Registry Lock important?

Your domain name may very well be the most valuable asset of your company, so you should keep it safe. Registry lock is like a vault safe for your domain.

Regardless of how it happens, it can be a major embarrassment, or worse, a major legal liability if someone was able to gain control of your company’s domain name even for a few minutes. They could intercept your customers’ usernames names and passwords, steal credit card data, or hold your business hostage.

A registry lock makes such changes impossible, as multiple parties must provide authorization in order for any changes to be made.

What domains are availble for a Registry Lock?

Not all domains can be locked at the registry level. Below are the domains that are available for registry lock.

.com, .net, .info, .pro, .mobi, .ac, .io, .sh, .co, .biz, .us, .bank, .insurance

How does a Registry Lock work?

A Registry Lock provides the ultimate security to protect from unauthorized changes or transfers of your domain names. When registry lock is activated, an authorized senior manager at 101domain must manually submit a request to the registry, who then verifies the request through a phone call with senior 101domain management with a secure passphrase.

  • Stop hackers and thieves.
  • Stop unauthorized employee changes.
  • Start having peace of mind.
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There are a few different types of locks

These can be placed on your domain names, and are the locks you should be aware of.

Registrar Locks

Set at the registrar level. Available in your 101domain account for free.

  • clientTransferProhibited - prevents retrieval of auth code and transfer to another account or another registrar.
  • clientUpdateProhibited - prevents changes to WHOIS contacts, email address, updates, nameservers.

Registry Locks

Set at the registry level. No changes can be made in your 101domain account or by 101domain without offline verification directly with the registry.

  • serverTransferProhibited - prevents the transfer of your domain to another registrar.
  • serverUpdateProhibited - prevents changes to WHOIS contacts, email address, nameservers.
  • serverDeleteProhibited - prevents your domain from being deleted.
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