The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest country in Africa by area, as well as the eleventh largest country in the world. Its population consists of seventy one million people. The Democratic Republic of the Congo borders multiple countries including South Sudan to the North, Burundi in the East, Zambia and Angola to the South, and The Atlantic Ocean to the West.

In the East Congo rape and other sexual violence is the worst in the world. This is due to the second Congo War which devastated the country. The war is the world's deadliest fight since World War II resulting in the death of 5.4 million people. Malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition are some of the main causes of death during the war. The government consists of a stable presidential democratic republic. There's a bicameral legislature with a senate and national assembly. The senate has an important job of drafting a new constitution.

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