In today's digital world, where cybercriminal activity is at an all-time high and growing in sophistication, it's essential that you employ sound security practices to keep your assets safe. Without proper account security, you risk the consequences of account takeovers, unauthorized domain name transfers, and other security breaches. Protect your domain name assets now to keep cybercriminals away.

Modern businesses require modern security solutions

Registry Locks Locking your domain at the registry level protects against domain name hijacking and prevents unauthorized deletions, transfers, or alterations of your domain names. Learn More
Private Registration Add private registration to your domain names to hide your personal information, such as name, email, physical address, and phone number, in various public WHOIS databases. Learn More
Multi-User Account Access Manage and collaborate on your shared 101domain account securely with permission-based user accounts. Even if someone leaves your organization, you retain control of the account.
Domain Update Locks Domain update lock prevents unauthorized changes to your domain names. Domains with domain update lock enabled cannot be updated or transferred without you first unlocking them from within your 101domain account.
IP Lock & Logging These free features in your 101domain account settings allow you to restrict account access to a limited number of IP addresses and view logs showing when and where someone logged into your account.
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 2FA requires two steps to sign in: your password and a code generated on your phone. This prevents unauthorized access to your account, even if someone knows your login credentials.

Don't risk the consequences of having an unsecured account

Do you have the resources and capacity to combat all the threats your brands face online every day? Engaging a partner like 101domain can help you expand your coverage and brand protection for your digital assets. We'll help you address issues as they arise and be your go-to resident expert for protecting your brand in the future.

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