Algeria (formally known as the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria) is the largest African country by land area and the tenth largest in the world. It resides within the Maghreb region in the Northwest of Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea as well as Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Western Sahara, Morocco, and Mauritania.

Algeria is the founding member of the Arab Maghreb Union and is also a participating member in other international organizations such as OPEC, the African Union, the United Nations, and the Arab League.

The terrain varies depending on location and is largely marked by vast plains and highlands in the north, immense mountain ranges in the North, and a major part of the Sahara in the South of the country (which takes up more than ninety percent of surface area in the nation.) The coastal areas are covered in hills and home to few natural harbours, the Tell Atlas region bountiful and fertile, and several large cities scattered about.

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