Rwanda is a country in Africa that is surrounded by Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east and Burundi to the south. There are large lakes on each border, with the largest being Lake Kivu to the west. The western part of the country is mountainous while the eastern part is more of a savanna area. It has a total area of over 10,000 square miles and is approximately the 150th largest country in the world.

There are three main ethnic groups in Rwanda. The Hutu and Tutsi have an undetermined background, but the Twa are from the earliest settlers and are pygmies. Christianity is the main religion in the country. The current president is from the Tutsi backed Rwandan Patriotic Front.

Rwanda's economy is agriculture based, with the main items being coffee and tea. Tourism has also seen an increase in the past twenty years, with a boost from their mountain gorillas.

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