Why is a .net domain good for you?

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The Internet dates back to 1985 and, with it, the launching of the domain name system (DNS). Dot net is not just one of the famous legacy domains; over the years, the .net domain extension has become one of the most trusted domain name options on the market. Because the generic top-level domain (TLD) has been around for so long, it is widely used and therefore recognized by Internet users all over the world.

In the beginning, .net was intended to stand for “network” and was specially created for network technologies and businesses related to technology, software, or, of course, networking. Today, registering a .net domain name is a great choice for anyone looking to establish an online presence, whether for business or personal purposes. It can help establish your brand's credibility and make your website more visible to potential customers.

The well-established TLD is recognized by all commonly used search engines, which can potentially have a positive effect on your website's search engine optimization (SEO. The .net domain is also a great choice if you already own the corresponding .com and want to affordably protect your investment across other domains.

What are the requirements for a .net domain?

The requirements for the .net domain are straightforward and basically only limited by your imagination. Registering a .net domain name is not restricted to any particular industry or niche, which means it can be used for a wide range of websites and purposes.

Any and all websites can use .net as its designated domain extension with no official requirements or restrictions (except, of course, for abusive, illegal, or fraudulent uses). We recommend registering your name for a maximum of 10 years, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to renew your registered domain and avoiding inevitable price increases over the years.

Registry Lock available for .net domain DNSSEC is available for .net domain Private Registration is available for .net domain

Frequently asked questions about .net.

How do I buy a .net domain?
To purchase your domain name, you must first search for the availability of the unique phrase (without spaces or with hyphens). If the domain name is available, you may then add it to the cart to register for up to 10 year(s).
How often do I have to renew a .net domain name?
Generally, a .net domain name needs to be renewed every year, but you can either turn on the free auto-renew option or register it for up to 10 years. This helps you to avoid forgetting when your domain is up for renewal or running into possible price increases over time.
Can you register a .net domain for personal use?
Yes, the .net domain extension has no restrictions and is a great choice for registering your own domain name or creating a personalized email address like [email protected] with the help of Google Workspace.
How long does it take to register a .net domain name?
Typically, your domain name will get registered instantly. You can use it right away.
Are there any limitations for a .net domain name registration?
Your .net domain name must not be already registered or reserved by someone else and has to be between 3 and 63 characters in length. It can consist of letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), or hyphens (-), but not spaces or other special characters.
What is DNSSEC, and is it available for .net domain?
DNSSEC is available for .net domain. Enabling DNSSEC will protect .net domain names against counterfeit DNS data by providing origin authentication and integrity protection on that data. DNSSEC can be configured in your domain name's DNS panel.
Do I need to use Trustee Service for my .net domain name?
Since .net is not a country code TLD (ccTLD) like .de for Germany or .mx for Mexico, you do not need a Trustee Service for the registration. This service is only necessary to satisfy local presence requirements.
How do I host my .net domain name?
Your .net domain name can be hosted on any web hosting platform. 101domain offers the intuitive drag-and-drop Easy Website Builder and other hosting options that fit any professional needs.
Can I hide my .net registration information (Private Registration)?
Yes. You can activate Private Registration during the checkout process of a new .net domain name to keep your personal information private.

Technical information for .net.

  • TLD .net
  • Type gTLD
  • Registration 16.99 USD
  • Renewal 21.99 USD
  • Transfer 14.99 USD / Transfer in your .net
  • Time to Register Instant
  • Registration Period 1 - 10 years
  • Private Registration Available
  • DNSSEC Supported / Learn how to add DNSSEC
  • Registry Lock Available
  • Trustee/Proxy Service No
  • Languages Supported Albanian,  Arabic,  Bulgarian,  Catalan,  Chinese Simplified,  Chinese Traditional,  Croatian,  Czech,  Danish,  Dutch,  Esperanto,  Estonian,  Faroese,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Greek,  Hebrew,  Hindi,  Hungarian,  Icelandic,  Irish,  Italian,  Japanese,  Korean,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Luxembourgish,  Macedonian,  Maltese,  Moldavian,  Norwegian,  Persian,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Romanian,  Russian,  Serbian,  Slovak,  Slovenian,  Spanish,  Swedish,  Thai,  Turkish,  Ukrainian, 
    .net domain name supports multiple language formats. You can register your domain name by entering your domain search using the appropriate language character set in the search field.
  • Individuals can register Yes
  • Businesses can register Yes
  • Registry Verisign
  • Information updated 2024-04-16

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