Reunion Island is a very small island in the Indian Ocean, with a population of around 800,000. The island belongs to France, and is considered an overseas department. These regions of France, located off the European mainland, are given the same status as the mainland of France itself. As a part of France, it is considered to be part of the European Union and Eurozone.

The island is only 39 miles long and 28 miles wide, and is considered to be similar to Hawaii in terms of geography. The island contains a large volcano, which is considered to be a sister of Hawaiian volcanoes.

Agriculture is the largest industry in Reunion, although the government has been pushing the island as a tourist destination to aid with employment. The island has a much lower GDP than mainland France, although it is relatively high compared to nearby nations in Africa, including its neighbor Madagascar. The main exports of Reunion are oils, vanilla, and seafood.

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