Protect your Assets.

The Internet is a large and unregulated space. Or it can be, if you do not have a second pair of trained eyes monitoring yours digital properties and enforcing action when necessary.

Monitor Your Digital Assets

Domain names are assets, crucially important to the very DNA of your brand. Companies today are well past the days of viewing an online business strategy as a secondary element. We act as your eyes and ears, monitoring the domain name space and staying ahead of new TLD launches to ensure no one is diluting your brand reputation and benefiting from your likeness.

Keep Your Domains Current and Secure

Avoid the Hassle of Court with Domain Name Dispute Resolutions

There are policies in place to help individuals and companies take over domain names infringing on their trademark. UDRP and URS provide an alternative to court that saves you the time and expense of filing a case. Our expert account managers are well-versed in these procedures and can help you find the right course of action to guarantee a positive outcome for the least amount of disruption to your business.

To date, 101domain has achieved a 100% success rate in all UDRP and URS cases.

Total Number of Cases by Year

Total Number of Cases by Year Graph

The Top 5 Infringing Countries in 2017

The Top 5 Infringing Countries in 2017

Case Outcomes in 2017

Case Outcome in 2017 Graph

Source for data: WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Statistics

The International Threat of Domain Squatting
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Recover What Is Rightfully Yours

Sometimes scare tactics alone are enough to recover a name that is registered with your rightful trademark, however we are well equipped with the tools and the resources to escalate the issue and provide the desired outcome for our clients. 101domain consists of a team of industry veterans who are dedicated to providing individual case research and investigation that will ensure the continued success of your business online.

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