Whether it is a case of cybersquatting, phishing, trademark or copyright infringement, revenue or web traffic diversion, 101domain is here to help.

Protect your brand with our enforcement solutions.

A mailbox with a cease and desist letter Website Takedown Services Need to stop someone from misappropriating your brand, trademark, or intellectual property? Oftentimes, our takedown services are all it takes. Plus, it's more cost-effective than formal complaints or litigation. Learn More
People negotiating on a conference table Dispute Resolution Services Is there a domain name with your trademark or brand, but it's not you? We specialize in researching, preparing, and filing formal complaints such as UDRPs to help our clients resolve domain name disputes. Learn More
A hand with a service bell Acquisition Services Have you found the perfect name for your business, but someone beat you to it? We'll help you successfully and discretely acquire domain names in all price ranges, from small transactions up to seven figures. Learn More

Case research and investigation.

101domain's Brand Enforcement Team is well-versed in enforcement policies and can provide individual case research and investigation to determine your best enforcement option.

If eligible, we will help you file an administrative dispute to achieve a favorable outcome—typically resulting in the disputed domain transferred to your possession.

Enforce your brand with confidence.

Do you have the resources and capacity to combat all the threats your brands face online every day? Engaging a partner like 101domain will instantly expand your resources and tools to run an effective brand protection program. We'll help you address issues as they arise and be your go-to resident expert for protecting your brand in the future.

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