199.00 USD

With our Domain Concierge Service, we'll track the owner down, engage them, and negotiate on your behalf to get the name for you.

What Domain Concierge Services provides

Discretion. Your identity remains private throughout the process and through our private registration service, can remain private indefinitely.

Experience. Leverage years of our experience negotiating and acquiring thousands of domain names in over 200 countries and jurisdictions.

Our Network. Utilize our industry reach and network to engage domain owners who otherwise would not respond.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

  • step 1
    Find your domain. Search and choose the domain you want. If it is already registered, you’ll have the option to purchase the Domain Concierge service at checkout.
  • step 2
    Enter your budget. If you're not sure, order our professional assessment for a complete assessment and recommendation on an estimated price you can expect.
  • step 3
    Let us get to work. We'll reach out to the registrant on your behalf to engage them in negotiation. After 90 days, if we can't engage the current domain owner in negotiations, we will credit this charge back to your account. We'll work to get you the best price while communicating with you throughout the process.
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Domain Concierge Service FAQ

What is Domain Concierge service?

Many times the domain name you have your heart set on is already registered and owned by someone else. This doesn't mean that the name isn't for sale, after all, anything is for sale at the right price, right?

If you want to purchase a name that is already registered by someone else, you can use our experienced domain brokers to reach out to the registrant to negotiate a sale on your behalf. We typically have a higher success rate through our established network of contacts and years of experience in engaging uninterested sellers.

Should I use the Domain Concierge service?

You can always try to negotiate the purchase of a domain name yourself, but you may not make much progress on your own or may tip off the registrant to interest by your company (which may instantly drive their price up). By keeping our buyers anonymous, and leveraging our networks and experience, we usually have a greater chance of success at obtaining your name at the best price possible.

What if I don't know what my budget should be?

If you're not sure what your offer price and budget should be, let us provide you with a full professional assessment which includes ownership history, hosting and DNS history, traffic information, comparable sales, and a pricing valuation and recommendation. Just choose this option at checkout and one of our experts will be in touch and start working on this right away for you.

Do you guarantee I'll get the domain name I want?

There are no guarantees with negotiating a purchase of a domain name from an existing registrant. We guarantee we'll do the best we can to engage the registrant and negotiate the best price possible for you. And if we can't engage the registrant, we'll refund your service fee.

What are the fees for this service?

The Domain Concierge service starts at 199.00 USD. This includes engagement of the registrant and negotiation based on the budget you give us. We'll let you know if the budget is out of line or if we feel it is not reasonable for the name you are trying to acquire. If we cannot engage the registrant, your 199.00 USD is refunded to you, otherwise it is non-refundable.

If a price is negotiated and agreed to, our fee is 20% of the negotiated price plus a processing fee of 4% (waived if paid by wire), and a 3.5% escrow fee to take care of the exchange. You'll also be responsible for one year of registration.

What happens if you can't acquire the domain name I want?

After 90 days, if we are unable to engage the current domain owner in negotiations on your behalf, we will credit the original 199.00 USD fee back to your account.

If we engage the domain owner but cannot start or complete negotiations, or if the owner indicates that the domain is not for sale, the 199.00 USD fee will not be credited back, but you have no further obligation. Should the domain owner reach out to us in the future wishing to negotiate, we will contact you to determine if you still have interest in the domain.