In West Africa, you will find the country of Cameroon, or the Republic of Cameroon. Cameroon is sometimes referred to "Africa in miniature", as it possesses all the major climates of Africa, including rainforest, desert, coastline, mountains, and savanna. Cameroon neighbors such countries as Nigeria, Chad, and the Republic of Congo. Known as the world's 53rd largest country, Cameroon is comparable in size to the state of California. Cameroon is also known for its diversity and is home to nearly 200 varying linguistic groups. The official languages, however, are English and French.

The first inhabitants of Cameroon were the Sao civilization in addition to Baka hunter-gatherers. The name Cameroon is attributed to explorers from Portugal who arrived to the area in the 15th century. They provided the name Rio dos Camaroes, which means River of Prawns.

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