How to block a domain

101domain offers the most advanced blocking services currently available for brand owners. Domain blocking protects your brand from online abuse such as phishing and cybersquatting and saves you time and money managing individual defensive registrations.

Our domain blocking services secure your intellectual property and automatically block the availability of your trademark term across multiple TLDs on the web.

Where Protection Matters

Brand Protection for Trademark Holders


Donuts Domains Protected Marks List

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Covers 300+ TLDs Including Homographs



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Covers 4 TLDs


Uniregistry Extended Protection Service

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Covers 10 TLDs

Why You Should Block Domains that Contain Homographs

Many different character sets exist in the world. Some characters look nearly identical even though they belong to a different character set.

In the domain world, homographs are used to create visually similar domain names to impersonate the website address of an established business. A website visitor cannot tell the difference between a domain name or email address that contains homographs, which is why it is more important than ever to secure your brand with domain blocking services.

image of a homograph example
image of a homograph example