Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa with very small population and officially known as Republic of Djibouti. It is bordered in the north by Eritrea, in the west by Ethiopia, in the southeast by Somalia and in the east by Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. 94% of the population are Muslims and the rest are Christians. Formerly it was known as Obock and French Somaliland and changed its name to Afars and Issas in 1967. After becoming independent in 1977 the country became the Republic of Djibouti. The country is getting assistance from France economically and militarily.

The country lies between latitudes 100 and 130 N, and longitudes 100 and 440 E and has coast line of 314 km and also shares coastlines with bordering countries. It extends to 8,900 square miles with semi-deserts and plateaus.

Economy of the country depends upon its status as a free trade zone in northeast Africa. Citizens mainly belong to the capital city and the rest are nomadic herders. Having no major food production due to scanty rainfall, it imports food from other nations.

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