Sudan, also known as the Republic of Sudan, is located in North Africa, sharing borders with Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia, South Sudan, and a few others. It is the third largest country in Africa, and is split into Eastern and Western halves by the Nile River. As of the 2014 census, Sudan has an estimated population of around 37,300,000 people.

Sudan is a federal presidential republic, with the President established as the head of state. After the second civil war however, the country is currently recognized as an authoritarian state. The country's main economy is oil, although historically, agriculture is still the main income and means of employment for most citizens. However, most farms are rain-fed and drought is always a risk factor.

The country hosts a large population of refugees, although it also generates refugees as well. Sudanese Arabs are the main ethnic group, at over 70% of the population. Other ethnic groups such as Fulani, Masalit, and Zaghawa also exist.

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