Validate your mark

A trademark is validated with the TMCH for 1, 3, or 5 years. 101domain recommends 5 years which should easily get you through the entire new gTLD program launch.

All validation services include: full control panel and reporting features, pre-validation screening and correction if necessary, live updates, auto-application to sunrise phases, sunrise and claims notifications and linking of up to 10 domain names to each trademark validation.

To request more information or a volume discount quote, visit our Corporate Services to request a proposal or email us at mocnull.niamod101null@nulletaroproc.

At the end of 2013, a new era of opportunity for both brand owners and the general interest population began with the launch of hundreds of new domain name extensions. Along with opportunity, will come protection issues for trademark owners around the world. To address these concerns, ICANN has mandated a "Sunrise Phase" registration period available exclusively to registered trademark holders who will have the first chance to secure domain names matching their mark in all new gTLD extensions before anyone else does.

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

In order to participate in any "Sunrise Phase" in the new gTLD program, participants are required to register and validate their trademark(s) in the TMCH. Applications are submitted to the TMCH with information based on a valid trademark from any jurisdiction in the world, a copy of the trademark, as well as evidence that the trademark is being actively used.

Once submitted, the TMCH will review the application for accuracy, validity and satisfaction of all requirements. Once validated, the application is then used to apply for your matching domain names in new gTLD Sunrise Phases, well before the general public can attempt to register them. As an added bonus, the TMCH will also alert validated trademark holders if other parties are registering their marks, representing possible infringing registrations.

101domain—your trusted TMCH Validation Partner

101domain is here to make sure your trademarks are validated – on-time and hassle-free. Our staff is trained and ready to guide you with over a decade of experience managing the most complex TLD launch and trademark validation processes around the world.

Our system is designed for easy submission, tracking and cataloging of your validated trademarks so you are organized and ready to secure your domain names in any and all Sunrise Phases necessary.

For Trademark Holders, with many of the domains coming into Sunrise soon, we recommend getting informed about our Trademark Clearinghouse service.

Included Features

  • Self-submission of application – work on your time to gather and submit your information and documentation. If you can’t get it all done at once, save your work, and come back later. We'll monitor the process and let you know when everything needs to be done.
  • Managed-submission of application – would you prefer to work with our staff directly? Direct access to our validation staff and account managers is only a call away. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your core business at hand.
  • Pre-Validation – the rules and requirements are complex. 101domain will pre-validate your applications and documents by hand before submission to minimize errors. Our expert staff will review each application and offer guidance and suggestions to avoid unforeseen errors.
  • Live Updates – our system is designed with tracking and organization in mind. View application statuses in your account and receive notifications when trademarks are validated.
  • Streamlined Sunrise Launches – your validations are securely stored in your account for automatic application during sunrise phases. Choose the domain name, connect to your validated trademark, and submit. There’s no need to maintain separate databases and tracking systems.
  • Sunrise Launch Date Notifications – use our system to notify you of and organize your launch schedules quickly and easily. In addition, take advantage of our account managers to help plan for you.
  • Trademark Claims Notifications – notification by email to alert you of potential infringements.
  • Online & Offline Reporting – maintain full visibility to your trademark validation and domain name portfolio. 24/7 account access as well as current, up-to-date report generation and Excel spreadsheet exports allow you to work the way you want to work.

Trademark Clearinghouse FAQ

The Internet is about to experience the launch of millions of new domain names ending in .WEB, .SHOP, .MAIL and hundreds more extensions starting in Q3 2013. Experts are predicting we will see the biggest expansion of the domain name system since its humble beginnings 30 years ago.

As a trademark holder, this will create a legal and logistical nightmare if you want to register your BRAND.WEB, BRAND.SHOP, or BRAND.MAIL in any or all of the new extensions being made available.

The Trademark Clearinghouse was established to give trademark owners first pick at their names before the general public can get their hands on them. The only way to get this priority access is to register and validate your registered trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

In additional, by participating in the Trademark Clearinghouse, you will receive 30 day advanced notification of each Sunrise Period launch date.

101domain acts as your agent to make sure your validation applications are entered correctly and manages the entire process for you. Whether you are looking to validate one trademark or hundreds of trademarks, we provide the tools to manage to process and the expertise to make sure it is done right so you don’t miss out on anything.

You are able to go directly to the Trademark Clearinghouse to validate your trademark if you want, but unless you are familiar with all the rules, requirements, and fine print, it becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process. Rely on our expertise and our staff to do all the work for you.

You have the option of validating your trademark for 1, 3, or 5 years. The costs are 299.00 USD, 699.00 USD, and 1,099.00 USD, respectively.

During the time your trademark is validated, you can participate in the early "Sunrise Phase" of any new domain name launches that are applicable to you.

We recommend validating for 3 or 5 years to ensure that you mark is validated throughout the new gTLD program.

The Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines state that they are accepting:

  • Nationally or regionally registered trademarks,
  • Court-validated marks, and
  • Marks protected by treaty or statute.

There are four categories of marks that will not be accepted or validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse:

  • Trademark applications
  • Trademarks registered by a city, state, province, or sub-national regions.
  • International trademark applications made via the Madrid System unless the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect.
  • Registered marks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition, or rectification proceedings

Yes. You are able to validate a registered trademark from any country.

Yes. The Trademark Clearinghouse will validate any nationally or regionally registered trademarks. International trademark applications made via the Madrid System will be validated only if the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect.

It is important to note that the Trademark Clearinghouse does not provide any proof, rights, nor does it create any legal rights regarding your trademark. It serves as a repository of verified rights information.

It is possible for another trademark owner to validate the same trademark from another jurisdiction or another class in the same jurisdiction. They will have the same opportunity as you to register a name during the Sunrise Phase of each new gTLD launch according to the rules of each respective registry.

No. The Trademark Clearinghouse only serves as a repository of verified rights information. This verification is used to register your domain names in an early "Sunrise Phase" designed only for trademark owners.

For each new domain extension launch, registry operators are required to offer an early registration phase available only to verified trademark holders. This early phase is called the Sunrise Phase and lasts for a limited time before any domain names are available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. Each registry publishes their own rules and policies regarding multiple applications during its Sunrise Phase.

No. You are not required to register any names in any Sunrise Phases if you do not want to.

In order to validation your trademark, you need to submit the following:

  • Your contact information.
  • Your information as recorded with the trademark register.
  • A copy of your registered trademark.
  • A signed declaration of use statement (if you want to register names in sunrise)
  • A proof that your trademark is currently in use (if you want to register names in sunrise)

Don't worry. We pre-screen all of your applications to make sure they are correct. If there is an error, we will work with the Clearinghouse to fix the error to ensure your application is accepted and your trademark is verified.

The validated name of the Trademark is accepted as long as the name of the Trademark includes letters, words, numerals, keyboard signs, and punctuation marks ("Characters") that are:

  • Predominant; and
  • Clearly separable or distinguishable from the device element; and
  • All predominant characters are included in the Trademark Record submitted to the Clearinghouse in the same order they appear in the mark.

A Signed Mark Data file (SMD file) is generated once a trademark has been validated and proof of use is established. The SMD file enables the registration of a domain name label within a new gTLD extension during a Sunrise Period subject to the applicable registry policy.

The SMD file may be used by the trademark holder or trademark agent to request a Sunrise registration; however, allocation of a sunrise registration occurs at the determination of the registry.

Yes. Our system will allow you to store all of your SMD files with us (even if you didn’t validate with us) to allow for easy application in Sunrise Phases in the TLDs you wish. We make it easy!

When a Trademark contains a special character that cannot be represented in a domain name label, the following rules will apply:

  • Special characters contained within a Trademark that are unable to be used in a domain name label may be either: (i) omitted; or (ii) replaced by hyphens.
  • In addition, special characters "@" and "&" contained within a Trademark may be spelled out with appropriate words of the official language(s) of the country/jurisdiction in which the mark is protected. However, in accordance with the ICANN IDN Guidelines, labels with mixed scripts will not be generated.