Secure your trademarked domain names during the launch of a new domain.

Hundreds of new top-level domains have launched over the last 10 years and dozens of new domains still launching every year. The continuous introduction of top-level domains presents a challenge for organizations to control how and where their brand is being used online.

To address these concerns, ICANN mandated a "Sunrise Phase" registration period available exclusively to trademark holders registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The Sunrise Phase allows brand owners the first chance to secure domain names matching their mark in all new domain extensions before the general public can attempt to register them. All new domains are required to hold a Sunrise period of at least 30 days before domain names are offered to the general public. Trademark holders can take advantage of the priority-registration Sunrise phase to secure domain names matching their trademark ahead of wider availability.

You only need to record your mark once in the Trademark Clearinghouse to benefit from the Sunrise services and instantly validate your eligibility for domain blocking services such as GlobalBlock, DPML Block, and AdultBlock.

Registration alerts for new domain names containing your trademark.

As an added benefit, the TMCH will alert validated trademark holders if other parties register new generic domains and legacy domains (e.g. .com, .net) with the exact match or variations of their trademarks across any domain provider. These notifications help brand owners quickly identify potentially infringing registrations and take action.

Multiple sheets of paper with TM logo on them

Types of variation labels that can be added.

Containing: text can be added before or after the trademark name. For the mark '101domain', an extra label could be '101domains'.

Partial: part of the trademark name (must be at least 3 consecutive characters). For the mark 'testmark', the extra labels 'test', 'mark', 'testma' would be allowed but not 'es' (too short) or 'tmark' (not consecutive).

Similar: characters are replaced by similar looking ones (e.g. "o" by "0", "e" by "é", "b" by "ɓ"). A maximum ¼ of the total length of the trademark name (rounded up) is allowed to be replaced. For the mark 'coocoo', the maximum of replacement characters is 2, extra labels 'c00coo' and 'c0oc0o' would be allowed.

Please contact your dedicated account executive or a member of our sales team to add variations of your trademark. +1.888.982.7940

Why should you trust 101domain to be your TMCH validation partner?

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    Expert Guidance. Our staff is trained and ready to guide you through the trademark validation process with over a decade of experience managing the most complex domain launches. We’ll worry about the details so you don’t have to.
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    SMD File Management. We make it easy to submit, track, and catalog your organization’s validated trademarks, aka SMD files, so you can quickly and effortlessly secure your domain name in any Sunrise phase.
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    Comprehensive Domain Offering. When you register your domains at 101domain, you get access to the largest selection of domains found anywhere and are the first to know about new domains launching.