Chad is a landlocked country in North- Central Africa. It is bordered by Niger, Libya, Cameroon, and Nigeria. The government in Chad is a republic. They have a president there who has been in office since 1990. His name is Idriss Deby. The size of Chad is 95,755 sq mi or 1,284,000 sq km.

Chad's landlocked position, poor transportation network, inadequate natural resources, and ongoing political turmoil have severely hampered economic development. Chad is governed under the constitution of 1996 as amended. Chad's population is heavily biased towards the young, with almost 50% of the population being under the age of 15. The main religion is Islam, making up 53.1% of the population. The next highest religion is Catholicism with 20.1%. The official languages are French and Arabic. Chad's economy suffers because of its landlocked position and geographic remoteness.

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