Located on the North East side of the African continent lies Egypt, a transcontinental country that is connected to Southwest Asia via a land bridge. It is famous for its rich history and famous monuments such as the Great Sphinx and numerous pyramids. Known as a major power in Africa, the country borders Libya, Sudan, and Israel, and is located south of the Mediterranean Sea and west of the Red Sea.

As one of the most populated countries in the Middle East and Africa, Egypt boasts a population of over 80 million people, most of which live near the Nile River. While there are very few persons who live in the Sahara Desert, around half find their homes in urban areas, spread throughout major cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, or where arable land is found.

With a balanced economy, most of Egypt's job sectors function at similar production levels. Job sectors include: tourism, agriculture, service, and industry. Recently, Egypt overthrew its president of 30 years.

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