Switzerland is located in Europe, sharing its borders with Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Lichtenstein. This country is geographically split between the Alps Mountains, the Jura, and the Central Plateau. It is notable that the main language of the country is German, but there is no common linguistic identity of the country, and multiple linguistic regions exist instead. The country has about 7.9 million people, mostly living in the northern half of Switzerland. Two of the largest and most economically important cities in the north of Switzerland are Zurich and Geneva.

The Swiss government has a longstanding history of neutrality. While the Swiss Federation is active in foreign policy and peace talks, it has only recently joined the United Nations in 2002. Switzerland is also not part of the European Union either. The country is the birthplace of many organizations such as the Red Cross.

Economically, Switzerland is one of the world's richest countries, and held the highest wealth per adult in 2010. Zurich and Geneva are considered to have some of the highest standards of living of any country in the world.

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