Ascension Island is a small speck of land in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and has been a British possession since the Napoleonic Wars and immediately afterwards, when it was a support base for preventing any rescue attempts to liberate Napoleon from St. Helena. It has functioned as a dependency of St. Helena since 1922, but has never had a permanent resident population as has that island. Ascension played a major role as a tracking station in the US space program as well as serving as a staging area for the British relief expedition to the Falkland Islands.

On this island, there is no trace of agriculture, industrial fishing or factories. Except for some rare tourists, the financing of Ascension Island is exclusively and solely managed by famous institutions like the RAF, the U.S. Army, the B.B.C, Cable and Wireless, etc...

Its aerodrome, the only in this sector, is currently not open to civil aviation. The island is chiefly retained for military activities and telecommunications.

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