Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is the westernmost country of Europe. The Atlantic Ocean shares its coastal border to the West and South while Spain lies to the North and East, making up the rest of the peninsula. The northern landscape is noted for its mountainous regions combined with plateaus and river valleys, whereas the south is characterized by flat plains.

Politically, Portugal is considered to be a semi-presidential constitutional republic ever since changes were made to the Constitution of 1976. There are four main institutions that make up this government and they include the President of the Republic, the Parliament, the Government (headed by the Prime Minister) and the courts. Portugal has a multi-party system, but their politics are primarily influenced by the Socialist and Social Democratic Parties; the other three "lesser" parties make-up between 5 and 15% of the votes.

Portugal has just over 10.5 million people with roughly and even split between genders. The country's currency is the euro and most of the business and financial institutions are located in Lisbon and Porto. With agriculture and fishing as their main sectors, it places their country in the top third of 134 countries for global competitiveness.

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