In Southeast Europe, a small, parliamentary democracy called Albania can be found between Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece, and Kosovo. It borders both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate near the coast that causes the summers to be filled with sun and warm weather (albeit a bit dry at times) and the winters fairly mild and wet.

Politically, the nation of Albania follows a free-market economic system. Albania completed the official application process for European Union membership in 2009, which remains pending to this day. The European Commission has set Albania's membership in the EU as a priority, which would allow the country to further it's goals of Euro-Atlantic integration with other post-communist states.

It is also a member nation of several international organizations including NATO, the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation among others.

The capital city of Tirana hosts 600,000 of the country's 3,000,000 residents and positioned itself as friendly to foreign investors (especially in energy and transportation infrastructure development.)

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