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For the people and business of Switzerland, the .swiss domain name extension represents an opportunity to get a domain name that connects them to their country like never before.

DNSSEC is available for .swiss domain

Frequently asked questions about .swiss.

How do I buy a .swiss domain?
To purchase your domain name, you must first search for the availability of the unique phrase (without spaces or with hyphens). If the domain name is available, you may then add it to the cart to register for up to 10 year(s). If the .swiss generic domain is not available, then either modify your phrase, or inquire about purchasing the name outright through 101domain's Domain Concierge Service.
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .swiss?

For Individuals: Natural persons domiciled in Switzerland and Swiss nationals may apply. They must provide their Swiss social insurance (OASI / AHV / AVS) number in the form of the UPI (Universal Person Identification) and the address provided in the registration application must be that of the domain name applicant.

Natural persons may only register a .swiss domain name if it contains at least one of the following designations: one of the official names or other names registered in the civil register, one of the forenames, a married name, a registered partnership name, a name received in a religious order, an artist's name under which the person has become known or a name attached to a distinctive sign (e.g. a registered trademark) to which the applicant has the rights.

A freely chosen designation may be added to any of these compulsory designations.

Names that correspond to or are similar to generic names cannot be allocated to a natural person.

Swiss nationals domiciled abroad may not use a .swiss domain name for commercial activities from abroad. Their domain name may only be used for private, associative or charitable purposes.

For Organizations: You must provide your entity's UID or IDE number, beginning with "CHE-"

Additional Requirements:

a. You must be a legal entity (i.e. not an individual) with sufficient link to Switzerland. This occurs if you are: A public body or another public organization under Swiss public law; A legal entity registered in the Swiss Commercial Register having its seat in Switzerland and an effective site of administration in Switzerland; or an association or foundation not registered in the Swiss Commercial Register having its seat and an effective site of administration in Switzerland.

b. At the time of the application, the requested name belongs to a category of names available for allocation.

c. The intended use is legal under Swiss law. Be aware that if the domain name is used to provide products or services or to advertise them, a seat and an effective place of administration are required.

d. The name applied for can legitimately be considered as objectively linked to the applicant or the intended use of the domain name. This occurs in particular if the domain name satisfies one of the following conditions: it contains a name for which the applicant holds a trademark right; it refers to a name objectively linked to the State or its activities that is required by the respective public body or the public law organization concerned;it contains a geographical designation, or a clear variation or abbreviation of a name, to which the applicant has a legitimate right or interest, to which it has a legitimate right or interest in the public mind, or it is authorized to use by the public body or bodies or other organizations concerned;it reflects a name in which the applicant has a legitimate interest or which is associated with the applicant in the public mind; and

e. The requested name is not a “Designation with a Generic Character”, without prejudice to be eligible under the Registry’s naming mandate program as set forth in Section 6 of this Registration Policy. Names that are designated with a Generic Character will be premium priced for both registration and renewal.

Allocation Process

Publication Period - Once Your .swiss domain name application is submitted, the Registry will examine it and, unless the name is unavailable or the application manifestly does not meet the Syntax Rules and the General Eligibility Requirements set forth in Section 3 of the Registration Policy, it will publish it for twenty (20) days (“Publication Period” of the application). During this twenty (20) day Publication Period other applicants may submit a registration application for this same domain name. Registration fees are non-refundable if published.

More information, including Contention Resolution and requirements for the use of a .swiss domain name can be found in the Registry Documentation.

Does .swiss domain have a special use?
These domains are intended for use by the Swiss community

Technical information for .swiss.

  • TLD .swiss
  • Type gTLD
  • Registration 167.99 USD
  • Renewal 209.99 USD
  • Transfer 167.99 USD / Transfer in your .swiss
  • Time to Register 3 Weeks
  • Registration Period 1 - 10 years
  • Renewal Grace Period None. It must be renewed by it's expiration.
  • Redemption Period 30 days
  • Private Registration Not Available
  • DNSSEC Supported / Learn how to add DNSSEC
  • Trustee/Proxy Service No
  • Individuals can register Yes
  • Businesses can register Yes
  • Registry Swiss Confederation OFCOM
  • Information updated 2024-06-05

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