Estonia is located in northern Europe, with the Gulf of Finland to the north, Baltic Sea to the west, and Lake Peipsi to the east. Estonia covers an area of 45,227 km, or 17,462 sq mi. Estonia shares a 290 km border with Russia, however the border between the two are still not defined to this day. It has an average elevation of only fifty meters with a highest point of 318 meters at SuurMunamagi.

Estonia has a temperate climate, having four seasons which are about equal length. It is warmest in July with an average temperature of 18.1 C (inland) and coldest in February with an average temperature of -7.6 C (inland). Estonia has deep snowfall in its south-eastern region from December to March. It has a vast number of lakes (1,400) and multiple rivers throughout the country.

Estonia is a democratic parliamentary country with 15 counties. It is part of the European Union; however it is the least populated country in the organization. It has a strong developed economy, with a high GDP per person. Estonia's Human Development Index is listed as 'very high'.

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