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Formerly a member of the Soviet Republic, Moldova became its own country after the crash of the USSR. Located between Romania and the Ukraine, Moldova is a recognized country and plans to become a part of the European Union. The majority of the country is located between the Prut and Dniester Rivers and though it is near to the Black Sea it has no access to it.

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Moldova is a former Soviet republic. It became independent after the USSR crashed in 1991. It is now a parliamentary republic. It is located between Romania and Ukraine. Moldova's territory is internationally recognized, but a part of it named Transnitria has decided to remain separate from the rest of the country. Already a member of several international organizations from the former western world, Moldova plans to become part of the European Union. Some official steps have already been implemented toward this project.

The geography of the country is somewhat special as the majority of its 33,851 square kilometers are located between 2 rivers: the Prut and the Dniester.

The country has access to the famous Danube River, but only on a very slight portion. It has no access to the sea even if the Black sea is not far from its borders. The country is covered with hills, but is not mountainous at all, as no elevation exceeds 430m.