Located in central Europe, the Slovak Republic contains over 5 million people in a 19,000 square mile area. The capital is Bratislava, which is the largest city of the country. It is a member of NATO, OECD, WTO and the European Union. The people speak Slovak, a Slavic language. The people of the Czech Republic speak German, which may account for one of the reasons that Czechoslovakia split peacefully into two separate countries in 1993. The Slovak Republic had been part of many other countries ranging from the Austria-Hungary Empire, Nazi Germany to being dominated by the Communist run Soviet Union.

Benefiting from its membership in the European Union and OECD, the Slovak Republic is experiencing a fast rate of growth which is producing an advanced economy with high incomes for its people. The Danube River flows through the country providing routes for commerce and trade. The country is largely mountainous with many scenic lakes and valleys. The Slovak people and foreign tourists enjoy skiing in the High Tatras Mountains.

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