The Aland Islands are located in the Baltic Sea. There are over three hundred habitable islands of which only around eighty are currently inhabited. The archipelago is connected to Aboland and adjacent to the southwest coast of Finland. The surface of the islands is generally rocky, the soil thin, and the climate keen. There are several excellent harbors.

It is primarily a Swedish speaking province. It is also the smallest province of Finland with less than 1% of Finland's population. The main island is called Fasta Aland where 90% of the population resides. Mostly they follow the laws of Finland but also have their own government called the Government of Aland in Aland.

The Aland Islands occupy a position of great strategic importance, as they command one of the entrances to the port of Stockholm, as well as the approaches to the Gulf of Bothnia, in addition to being situated near the Gulf of Finland.

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