Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and sovereign state consisting of the country of Denmark and two autonomous constituent countries, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The Danish government is represented by a Rigsombudsmand, a Danish title for High Commissioner.

Denmark is the southernmost among the Nordic countries, with Germany bordering its south. It is also surrounded by the Baltic and the North Sea and is a peninsula consisting of Jutland and many islands such as notably Zealand, Funen, Vendsyssel-Thy and hundreds of minor islands called the Danish Archipelago. Before the Kiel Canal was dug, Denmark has had major control on the Baltic Sea route through the Danish Straits.

Denmark is known for its lowest levels in income disparities, owing to the fact of being a large welfare state and having a mixed market economy. It's also known for low corruption levels and for being one of the happiest countries in the world. The national language is Danish which is very similar to Swedish and Norwegian languages as it shares historical and cultural ties with them.

Denmark shares a border with Germany in the south and is surrounded by 7,314 kilometers of tidal shoreline and occupies 43,094 square kilometers. The northernmost point in Denmark is the Skagens point and the southernmost is Gedser point. The easternmost point is Osterskaer, which is in the archipelago Ertholmene 18 kilometers northeast of Bornholm.

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