Bulgaria is a country located in the Southeastern region of Europe. Countries bordering Bulgaria include Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece. Bulgaria is considered to be very mountainous and is the 15th largest country in Europe when it comes to land size.

This country has gone through much change over the years in regards to politics. The people of Bulgaria were once influenced by Greeks and Romans but later on identified with a unified Bulgarian ethnicity of their own. Three Bulgarian Empires existed until the country became a communist republic in 1946. Bulgaria moved away from being a communist republic after 1990 and then became a democracy which involved the use of free-market capitalism. Along with being a democratic nation, Bulgaria is also a part of several national organizations including NATO and the European Union.

7.36 million people inhabit Bulgaria and are mostly urbanized within the 28 provinces of the country. 1.5 million people live in the capital, Sofia, which is the largest city in Bulgaria. Natural resources are important to the economy of Bulgaria which has much success in the areas of heavy industry, agriculture and power engineering.

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