Malta is a country in Southern Europe. It is formed as an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean. Other nearby areas include Sicily, Tunisia and Libya. Malta is a very small state, making up only 122 square miles of land. The capital of Malta is Valetta. The biggest city in Malta is Birkirkara. Malta has many hills and fields, as well as harbors.

Malta has a parliament government but it is also a democratic country. The President is also their head of state. They also have a variety of political parties and an electoral system as well. They also have different branches of government, including legislative and executive.

Malta's current form of currency is the Euro. They have a labor force that is very strong. Their main resource is limestone. The country utilizes a lot of foreign trading to get resources.

There are over three hundred and fifty thousand people living in Malta. Maltese and English are the main languages spoken in Malta.

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