The landlocked country of Luxembourg has France, Belgium and Germany bordering it and has 'Oesling' in the north and 'Gutland' in the south as its main regions. Its area is 2,586 square kilometers, with a population of half a million. Though ruled by a grand Duke, it is highly advanced, having a high GDP. Historically, it was a site for castles of Roman era and the Frankish count, along the Spanish Road in 16th -17th centuries.

With its capital as the city of Luxembourg, it has a membership in NATO, OECD, United Nations and Benelux. Due to fusion of Romance Europe and Germanic Europe cultures, both traditions are followed. The official languages are German, French and Luxembourgish. Though secular, it is mainly Roman Catholic. Its small size (82 km long, 57 km wide), makes it 170th in size among 194 free countries.

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