Monaco is found in Europe near the French Riviera. It shares borders with France and the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco is extremely small and has many people. The area of the country is 0.79 square miles. Monaco's highest area is along the Chemin des Revoires which is on Mont Agel.

Monaco has a monarchy for governance. Prince Albert II is the monarch. For the most part, the rulers of Monaco have been from the House of Grimaldi. There are many languages spoken in Monaco, including English and Italian, but their language is officially French. Monaco is independent in foreign dealings; however, France provides their primary military defense. Monaco has a small army of their own as well.

Monaco is a huge tourist center because it has a great climate and fun places to gamble. They have no tax on income and taxes on businesses are low. They have the best GDP per capita in the world.

Monaco has a population of over thirty thousand people, most of which are between sixteen and sixty-four years old. Ethnic groups include Monegasque, French, and Italian.

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