Timor-Leste, also called East Timor and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, is a country in Southeast Asia that occupies the eastern half of the island of Timor, with the other half being part of Indonesia. Timor-Leste is a new country, having only become a sovereign state in the year 2002.

Timor-Leste has a population of a little over 1 million people living in a country with a landmass close to 5500 square miles, giving them a very low population density. Due to the fact that the island was colonized by Portugal in the 16th century, the predominate religion in the country is Catholicism, and along with the Philippines Timor-Leste is one of only 2 predominantly Christian countries in Southeast Asia.

The economy of Timor-Leste is mainly focused around offshore petroleum wells and agriculture, with the primary export being coffee beans. Timor-Leste remains fairly economically undeveloped, however, with many of its citizens unemployed or engaged in subsistence farming.

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