The republic of Korea, also known as South Korea is in the southern most part of Korea. It lies between China and Japan with North Korea directly to its north. Its landscape is predominantly mountainous terrain. In total size it is 99,392 square kilometers with a population of about 50 million. The capital of South Korea is Seoul which has the largest population maintaining 9,794,304 people.

The Korean history began with the founding Gojoseon in 2333 BC and at the end of World War two the nation of Korea divided into the north and south. The feud continued creating a war in itself that was finally diffused with the creation of an armistice agreement. South Korea is now a presidential republic with a high standard of living thanks to their very profitable exports.

Their primary source of financial income is focused on the production of electronics, ships, machinery and robotics. South Korea is also a member of the United Nations, as well as the World Trade Organization and the G-20 major economies. Their relationship with North Korea is still dangerous and the border is one of the most reinforced and protected in the world.

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