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Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,500 miles east of Japan and 3,800 miles west of Hawaii, giving it an important strategic position between East and West. The climate is humid, and temperatures are high in summer, but trade winds in winter provide a milder weather pattern. Unemployment is reported to be high in Guam, as the economy has struggled for several years and has suffered a slow real estate market.

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Guam's position is about the same distance -1,500 miles- from Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan and about 3,800 miles west of Honolulu, Hawaii. This important strategic position with the east-Asian realm gives Guam a reason for military importance. While high atmospheric humidity and high air temperatures in the 80-degree Fahrenheit range prevails, the island can be quite comfortable during the months of December through April when the trade winds are strongest and the humidity is lower.

Not-so-rosy developments in the Guam economy include local government's continued fiscal challenges, a mixed employment picture and a sluggish real estate market. The economic environment had changed significantly; its costs had increased, challenging the tight budget situations of both the U.S. and Japan governments.

The latest unemployment rate estimate from the Guam Department of Labor was 11.8% in March 2012, which is lower than the 13.3% figure a year earlier. Despite the decline in the rate, the overall employment picture is mixed: Useful information or answers were scarce, even to the question of whether the military build-up in Guam would even take place.