The French Southern Territories are a number of lands located in the Southern Indian Ocean, where French sovereignty is recognized, and/or are used for various government and trade functions. As noted, the country, or territory, has no permanent population, and is home to mainly research individuals and military. This population also includes: civilian officials, military personnel, and support staff.

The territory known as the French Southern Lands include Amsterdam Island, Saint-Paul Island, Crozet Island, and Kerguelen Island. Not included, due to issues relating recognition of sovereignty, is the Adelie Land, which has no indigenous inhabitants. This island in particular is home to a variable amount of researchers and staff, with a normally recorded 100 or so individuals who are staffed from winter to summer. In total, the Adelie Land's mass is around 432,000 km squared, with other islands totaling around 7781 km squared.

The country has various sea territories, with an exclusive economic zone used for fishing.

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