Nepal, located between China and India in South Asia, is in the Himalayas. In the North of the country, lie eight of the world's ten tallest mountains. These include the highest point on Earth, known to us as Mount Everest. Nepal's vertical belts are divided by rivers running north to south.

Nepal also has the largest variation of altitude on our planet. Ranging from sea level to 29,035 feet. Nepal is roughly 147,181 square km in size, 800 kilometers long, 200 km wide and has a population of 25,371,000 people. Nepal also has about 2 million workers living abroad.

The people typically practice Hinduism, Buddhism or both. Formerly a monarchy ruled by the Shah dynasty of kings from 1768 until its kingdoms were unified by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Civil War by the Communist Party lasting ten years and protests by major political parties ended in a 12-point agreement on Nov. 22, 2005. A federal multi-party representative democratic republic was a result of elections for the constituent assembly on May 28, 2008 which favored the abdication of the Nepali monarch Gyanendra Shah. Nepal then had its first President, Ram BaranYadav, sworn in on July 23, 2008.

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