The Republic of Armenia, located in Eurasia, is a landlocked mountainous country. It borders Turkey on the west and Azerbaijan on the east. Georgia shares Armenia's northern border. It covers the area of 30,000 square kilometers. Their main source of income comes from the industrial sector. The per capita GDP of Armenia is $6,128.

Armenia was a former member of the Soviet Union. Politically, they are a unitary, democratic nation-state. It can also be described as a National Assembly. The have both a President and a Prime Minister in their democracy. A relatively sparsely populated country, where they rank 99th overall, it houses around 101.5 people per square kilometer. Christianity plays a major role in the identification of the people of Armenia, whose official language is Armenian. The country is home to approximately 3,108,854 people, as recent as 2011. Their currency is known as the Dram.

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